He’s baaaaack!

grasshopper 3  grasshopper  grasshopper 2  grasshopper 1  He was hanging out on our (very dirty!!!) outer porch door. He startled the heck out of me when I first came out. He hung in there while I not only went back in the house to get my camera, but after I had taken all my pictures I was coming in and out to tend to dinner on the grill. Towards the end (the camera was already in the house) he had scurried up right next to the handle. I was stuck outside. I had to call to my husband to come and open the door from the inside! Yes, I’m chicken. You can see that he seems to be keeping an eye on me as I took pictures from each side of him. Too funny! When he finally ‘flew’ away, I think that was the first time I’d ever seen a grasshopper fly! He flew right into our little blow up pool… my husband fished him out so he wouldn’t drown.

Later that night he was back but hanging out on a window of the porch! He didn’t stay long enough for me to get my camera.


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