There they go!

Clydesdales behind Not very flattering of the horses, but you can kind of see the neat carriage/cart thing they’re pulling with all the cases of Budweiser. Friends of mine were also attending this ‘parade’, though at an alternate location. They were having a debate regarding the number of horses used to pull the cart. I couldn’t remember either! That’s what you get, I guess, when you focus more on taking the picture and you do on the actual event. But It looks to me like there would be 8 horses. What do you think?


One comment on “There they go!

  1. This is the only pic I’ve seen that shows 4 horses in a line, or in other words, 8 horses in the team. Thanks, Moira! Ed had heard from someone that there were 8, but I didn’t trust that. I’ve also heard that many people complained that they couldn’t get clear pics because of all the attendants that surrounded the wagon. Even the newspaper only showed the wagon from behind.

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