Ms. Butterfingers

cracked lens  I don’t know if you could tell, but lately I’ve just been having a ball with the close-up/blurry background photos. Well, today Ms. Stupid Butterfingers took control of my body and I dropped my lens. I was swapping it out for my other, shorter lens. In the garage. I’m just devastated. I’m such a dope. I am so upset with myself. I haven’t been successful at all with this type of shot with my other lens. This cracked lens is my go-to lens for this type of shot. Luckily I do have a few pictures cued up for this blog, so I till have a few posts yet as I figure out what I’m going to do. This might be a blessing in disguise; you all are possibly getting tired of that close-up/blurred background type of shot! This is also a great opportunity to flex my photography muscles! I have a lot of time to practice this since I won’t be able to get a new lens any time soon. I will look into how much it would cost to replace the lens; this is a kit lens so it might not be beneficial. Sigh….


One comment on “Ms. Butterfingers

  1. Disaster! So sorry to hear it. Didn’t you take your camera once to a guy who fixed a problem with it, and for a reasonable price? Maybe he can help. Good luck!

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