More Mushrooms

I had a blow-up baby pool in the yard for my daughter. A few days after cleaning the pool out and moving it to a new location, this mushroom popped up right where the pool used to be. I don’t believe I had ever seen one in that location before. Then again, I’ve only been in this house about a year and a half, so that’s not saying much.

This mushroom was pretty cool because I basically got to see it ‘grow up’. I’d never seen that before. These two pictures were the first day I spotted them:

2 mushroom   2-1 mushroom

The next day it had grown to look like this:

3 mushroom 3-1 mushroom

And the third day:

4 mushroom 4-1 mushroom

4-2 mushroom 4-3 mushroom I saved it from total destruction by my daughter. The only battle wound is the finger imprint. HA!


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