Still more mushrooms?

A few days after the previous post’s mushrooms, these mushrooms popped up. These were in a different location. I’m trying to remember if this was also a spot where I had the pool, but alas, I cannot. Again, it was neat to watch it grow…6 mushroom    6-1 mushroom    7-1 mushroom7 mushroom

Until these tiny feet came to explore. These quick, tiny feet. In the blink of an eye they trampled the poor mushrooms. The owner of the feet knew she did something not wrong, per say, but not entirely right either. Especially when I had just completed the sentence: ‘Please don’t step on these.’ It’s actually kind of funny. So, needless to say, I’m not sure how big these would have gotten. But I’m fascinated by the difference in their appearance from the other ones. And I believe their shapes were different, too.

7 mushroom broken culprit 7 mushroom broken7-1 mushroom broken

Of course I had to get close-ups of the insides. To me it looks like the stems are bleeding. And the underside of the top portion is so neat.

7-2 mushroom broken 7-3 mushroom broken 7-4 mushroom broken

I hope you enjoyed my mushroom pictures!


2 comments on “Still more mushrooms?

  1. If it hadn’t been for the little feet, we never would’ve seen the special world inside. Thanks for sharing! Have you thought to look them up to see if they’re edible? Yum.

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