Half Empty or Half Full?

9-23-15 bird feeder  For the most part, I’m a Half Full type of gal. At least, I think so. Though I do have my share of Half Empty days. Figuring out this whole Being A Stay-At-Home Mom thing has definitely provided me with my fair share of both perspectives. Then add on trying to resume my blog? How do I find time to go out and photograph things while ensuring my daughter is entertained enough to not want to run away or pitch a fit? I’m still figuring it out, but it’s getting better. I’m super blessed to have a spectacular daughter. She loves going for walks in the stroller; the few times I’ve gone on a photo op with her in the stroller she’s been good. But now that she’s been walking for 5-6 months, and is gaining her desire to be independent, I’m not so sure I will have continued success. Lately I’ve been taking tons of pictures of things here at home, in our own yard. Including her, though I don’t post those. Just looking at her smiling face turns you into a Half Full type of person.

How to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom Blogger Blog Hop
A few stay at home mom blogger friends have joined with me today to share their blogging insights, stories, and experiences with you. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what life is like as a stay-at-home mom blogger, or see if it could work for you, this is your chance. Work-at-home moms, home-school moms, stay-at-home moms-we have all kinds in this blog hop!
Seeking Balance as a Stay-at-Home Mom Blogger – The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide: http://thestay-at-home-momsurvivalguide.com/2015/10/seeking-balance-stay-at-home-mom-blogger.html
Laughter, Love, and Meltdowns: Being a SAHM Blogger – Play Dough and Popsicles: http://www.playdoughandpopsicles.com/2015/10/19/sahm_blogger/
 The Secret life of a Homeschooling Mom Blogger – Craft Create Calm:http://www.craftcreatecalm.com/homeschool-blogger 
How I do it all as a homeschooling WAHM – What’s Up Fagans?: http://www.whatsupfagans.com/2015/10/homeschooling-and-working-from-home/
The Truth About Being A Blogging Homeschool Mom – Organized Home Organized School: http://organizedhomeorganizedschool.com/the-truth-about-being-a-blogging-homeschool-mom

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