Giant Snail – or is it a slug?

Day 1:

  huge snail 3 huge snail 4 

Day 2:

huge snail 1huge snail 2

The other day, Little One and I were heading out, probably to her Kindermusik class. I saw this guy at the last minute as my foot stepped just in front of him on our walkway. I just about jumped out of my skin in the process before I got a look at it. That thing was huge! I quickly grabbed Little One and ran back in the house to get my camera. I didn’t want to risk her stepping on him and squishing him.

My apologies for the poor photos. I know this is no excise, but I was rushing so we wouldn’t be late while simultaneously trying to keep an eye out for little feet.

Would you believe the next day we were going somewhere around the same time and he was in our path again? I don’t know if it’s the same one or not, but both days it was traveling in the same direction. And I was surprised at how quickly he moved!


2 comments on “Giant Snail – or is it a slug?

  1. I think it’s wonderful! Did you see its slime trail? You might be able to track it through your garden that way. I believe it’s a slug. According to my dictionary, snails always carry their shells on their backs, visible. Slugs sometimes have rudimentary shells, but they’re inside the slugs’ bodies where they can’t be seen.

    • Their shell is INSIDE their bodies? Weird. There were quite a few slime trails across the walkway, I don’t know if that meant he was lost or there are several. I should’ve tried to take a picture of the slime trail. I did think about it but I guess in the excitement I forgot.

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