fox A few weeks ago I was sitting on my patio when off in the distance I saw a fox. Wow! I had only ever seen a fox in person one other time (sounds like I live a sheltered life…) and that was while walking through a park with a dear friend. We saw a baby fox (so cute). Anyway, I know this picture is not very good; it’s a little washed out and not very clear. I wanted to post it anyway.

I think my zoom is pretty good! It’s a 55-250mm lens; needless to say I had it maxed out.  That little guy was quick, though! He came from my neighbor’s yard, across the back of mine into the trees at the back of my yard, then over to the neighbor on the other side of me. That’s where I lost sight of him. I don’t know if he stayed on my side of the street or crossed and went into the field across the street (which seems more likely). But it looked like he was tracking something. He looked like a pretty big guy too! Aren’t they supposed to be nocturnal animals?


7 comments on “Fox

  1. Oh, what a lucky sighting! Was there ever a more beautiful animal? Don’t know if they’re considered nocturnal. Maybe they just hunt whenever they’re hungry!

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