It’s A Beautiful Thing




Turns out that I had to replace the motherboard battery, then when the computer boots have it bypass the floppy drive. That’s right, a FLOPPY DRIVE. Because it apparently quit. Because, you know, I use it all the time. (My computer IS from 2006, you know. It’s an ANTIQUE.) But I figured it out, and I am so proud of myself. I’m not even going to start worrying how long my fix will last. If the floppy drive quit, a drive that I NEVER use, what’s next? How long until that happens? I think I better start backing up my phone photos nightly (because my phone is currently at it’s memory limit with all my snapshots and videos of my daughter), and uploading my reserved WordPress pictures now so that if/when this does happen again, I’m not unable to post to my blog. Priorities people.


4 comments on “It’s A Beautiful Thing

    • I keep all of my pictures on a separate hard drive anyway, but I don’t like to delete pictures off my phone until they’re transferred there. I didn’t get to November pictures yet so I’m actually in good shape! I just have to figure out where to store my blog pictures in case of another equipment failure, I would like to still be able to post from my phone. But I could always knock on someone’s door and ask to borrow theirs, now couldn’t I? đŸ˜‰

  1. Glad you got it sorted.
    When the battery dies it loses the original setttings.
    I also keep my backups on an external and also my media cards. Having them saved online too is a good way to save them. Media is very vulnerable and prone to failing at some point so its best to make several copies if you can. Memories cannot be replaced.

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