Lavender Yard. With a bonus.

I’m assuming this is lavender. It’s taking over my yard; ordinarily that would bother me, but if you can spot the bonus in the second picture, I am a smidge more accepting of it. I am supporting the waning bee population! Granted, I don’t know if this is the particular species that is endangered, or if they are still considered endangered, but they seem to like this and that’s all that matters.  I just hope I don’t accidentally step on one barefoot!

Lavender yard



4 comments on “Lavender Yard. With a bonus.

  1. Did you know that the first flower that bees go to in the spring is the dandelion? Gives me a whole new perspective on that flower!

  2. I have this stuff growing in my yard, too. I guess it’s considered a weed, but I don’t care. I think it’s pretty.

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