Barn in Disrepair

Barn in Disrepair. Old barns are beautiful, even in their neglected state. My apologies for the neglected blog  as I transitioned, once again, back to the free platform. I kinda feel like this barn right now.

barn in disrepair


5 comments on “Barn in Disrepair

  1. Couldn’t quite figure out how to leave a comment… sorry that you feel like this barn, altho since it’s beautiful so are you! Like that you focused on just a part of the barn, not the whole thing… Maggi


    • Thanks Maggi!
      I feel like the barn because I had to get rid of my self- hosted site and come back to this free version. All the posts that I did on the other site are not here so I have to find them to repost. And I’m still tweaking the appearance. Guess I have a lot more tweaking to do since you had difficulty locating the comment box 😦

      Thanks for your comment!

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