Rain will dampen anything

If you’re into cars at all, then you know about the auto show located at Hershey, PA every October. This is the largest car show in North America, and it’s put on by the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). It’s a big deal. It’s always the first full week of October, and starts with a flea market on Wednesday, a Race Car Condition Run on Friday, with the grand finale being the show on Saturday. In years past, there would be typical rainy days for the flea market week, with 50/50 percent chance of rain on the Saturday show.

Wouldn’t you know this year it was the reverse? The week had beautiful weather, and the Saturday show ended up being rainy. I had high hopes for good shots this year, too. The rain put a damper on that. I didn’t want to risk my camera in the rain, so I left it in the car. I only took a few shots with my cell phone. Of course, since I didn’t have my camera, I saw a hood ornament that I had never seen before. It was on a 1938 Packard 160. Really cool.

Hope you enjoy!






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