1929 Packard Sport Phaeton Hood Ornament

Yesterday we went to the HCCP Fall Meet which was being held at Delaware County Community College. I went with the intention to take shots of hood ornaments; I was not disappointed. Well, I might have been a little disappointed in the quality of some of my shots, but I also haven’t been practicing as much as I should be. Come to think of it, I only got 7 different hood ornaments, so I’m slightly disappointed there too. But I’ve been noticing the turnout at most of these shows is slowly dwindling. Seems the true antiques are not as coveted as they once were. Everyone enjoys the muscle car era. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those too, but there’s something special about a car from the 40s and older.

Today’s first hood ornament is from a 1929 Packard Sport Phaeton.



My Google search for this type of car showed various hood ornaments; I’m not that much of an aficionado to know how many different styles there were for this vehicle.

Stay tuned for the next hood ornament!




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