Procreation, Step One

I planted some marigolds from seeds, and while I have no flowers yet, the beetles seem to love the leaves. The plant is huge. Just about every time I walk past it, I’m flicking off a poor beetle to save a leaf. Know what happens when lots of beetles come together to share meals? You guessed it.

banging beetles 1

banging beetles 2

banging beetles 3

Fornication. Intercourse. Coitus. Relations. Copulation. Pick whatever word you like. I posted three pictures only because I couldn’t decide which I liked the best. I took these photos yesterday. There were three more sets of beetles doing the same thing as I was photographing this lovely couple.  I’m assuming they’re Japanese Beetles?


6 comments on “Procreation, Step One

  1. It doesn’t even seem like they were bothered having their photos taken while in the midst of having relations. Nice work!!

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